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NEW! AcuPlus Roll-On, 3 oz.
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"Bought this to try out on my chronic foot pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Just received it today and have rubbed my feet with it 2x so far, it’s fantastic, never thought I’d get any relief. Tried a little on my stiff neck and it has definitely helped! I highly recommend it."

Robert, Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

"I have been using this product for the last five months. I don't like taking medication. This has really helped with my back pain, sciatica, and arthritis in my foot. I felt the pain go away within the half hour of use. I would recommend this to anyone that has chronic pain. You have to try it."

Marie, Back & Sciatica, Arthritis & Pain

"This product arrived in the nick of time. I am in the early to mid stage of arthritis. It’s especially bad in my trapezium/styloid area. That’s the bottom most joint of the thumbs. It affects my hips and neck as well. After about 15 mins of application, I felt COMPLETE relief. I applied it again the next morning and at night, to my neck and hips. First time I could sleep through the night during one of these flare ups. I will buy a larger supply next time, but appreciate not having to sell the farm just to see how great it is. As for the seller, it arrived promptly and well packaged. I did pull out the scissors because my hands were aching, that’s how good it’s packaged. Would I recommend? Darn straight I would-and already have."

Susan, Joint, Hip & Knee Pain

"Man, this stuff works. I'm not one to write reviews and such, but I would love to have someone see this review and buy a jar. I'm in the middle of trying to get a knee back in working order. I've had a meniscus tear surgery, a couple of cortisone shots, and pain meds. The pain persists and goes from hurting pretty bad to chronic pain over and over every day. It's really bad. I have a few options before getting a new knee, but this cream might be my answer. For real, it just plain works. Im almost 60 years old, so a new knee surgery d ou doesn't sound to cool. If I can get by with using this a few times a day instead, i good with it. Has a nice scent, slightly menthol, it is gone in no time. No lingering Ben Gay smell to deal with. It rubs into my skin without any greasy feeling at all. Just rub some in and go about your day. Im sold on it. My wife found out about it somehow, and ordered it for me. I'm gonna keep using this as long as it keeps on working for me. If my knee deteriorates to a point where this isn't giving me enough relief, I'll look into the next course of action. But as for now, my advice is to give it a try."

Mary, Knee Pain

"This gel is insanely good! 10 times better than Icy Hot! I ordered it after seeing it featured in a local news story. It is a well thought out product that packs a serious punch. The gel consistency allows it to stay put while applying, soaks in the skin immediately.
I used it on my sciatica pain that wasn’t responding to medicine. It made it manageable for me to sleep and took the edge off. Once the nerve began to heal, I could feel powerful icy “burn” so much better. It’s strong, but not intolerable.
My husband decided to use it on his knee that’s bothered him for years after exercising. He was so impressed he took my bottle, so I’ve ordered more for back-up! We also appreciate the more natural ingredients used. Don’t hesitate to purchase!"

Kelly, Sciatica & Knee Pain
KPLC Anchor Brintey Glaser Highlights benefits of the pain cream and patient success stories.
KPLC Anchor Brintey Glaser Highlights benefits of the pain cream and patient success stories.
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