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Would You Like To Save On An 
Extra 4 oz. Jar Of AcuPlus?
Would You Like To Save On An 
Extra 4 oz. Jar Of AcuPlus?
Add an extra jar of AcuPlus for just $28.00
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From Our Many 5 Stars Verified Amazon Reviews...
"I used it immediately when it came in, which I received it in 2 days, and it eased the pain, and after about 15 minutes the pain was gone, I continued to use it around 3 times a day and it really helped. I would highly recommend it to people that suffer from back pain and even pain in different areas."
"I wake up with stiff fingers and / or knees. They are stiff and painful. I can rub cream on my hands and within minutes my hand can move and pain stops. My knees also are helped with the use of this. I bought it originally for them. It’s amazing to me that this works continually.
When I first bought it and tried to reorder they were sold out. When they came in stock I bought several jars and now on subscribe at Amazon. I don’t have things on subscribe unless I have to have it.
I don’t want to be without it! No heavy smell, light gel like texture."
Fair Oaks Reader,
"I have been using this product for about 6 months and I love it! The fresh mental scent has a cooling sensations and you can feel the product working to reduce pain and stiffness. I have given it to my friends and family to try. Don't know what I did without it.
Thank you!"
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